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Social medi amanager for britney - umennet

Britney spears is already in social media, with her presence in youtube, twitter, myspace & Facebook. 


Now To manage these profiles, she needs a Social Media Manager!! Do You think you r capable enough?? 

So, Her Social media manager rquirement ad is :

Briney Needs Social Media Manager - Umennet

Briney Needs Social Media Manager - Umennet
































Pretty Cool eh? 🙂  

Any reactions??


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At some point or other we have always been inolved in Social Media. We are in all leading Social Networking Sites, Interacting with others, Discussing, Posting, Sharing etc……

Some of us are in to serious business of taking Social Media as a career.  So before applying for any Social media job, get to know what is expected from a Social Media Professional. Here’s a list. . .


1. In love with Social Media – You should be in love with Social Media. You should be active in Social networking sites like -Facebook, My Space, Orkut etc. Being Active means, Rather than Number of friends, Interaction Matters. Linkedin, Plaxo etc also count but not so much.

You  may have to: Build Strategies and Implement them for the company/Client on these platforms. 

2. Writing Skills – You should have a blog. You should be possesing good writing skills. Optimize the articles, for Search engines, with keywords. 

You may have to: Blog, Prepare presentations, write for Podcasts, Communicate with others, write weekly/monthly columns

3. Knowledge – you should be possessing knowledge about Internet marketing. PPC, SEO, SEM, Keywords should not be new to you. Knowledge of HTML, RSS, PHP, Flash is a plus.

You may have to: Prepare marketing strategies for company/client, Optimize the Site, Articles, Content as the requirement arises.

4.  Hardworker –  Social Media is a 24 Hours active profession. your target audience are scattered allover the world. If you are dealing with news, Updates etc. you need to be active. very Active.  Should be high in energy!! So, dont expect a 9-5 job.

You may have to: Post updates as and when required, be online for maximum, skip your holidays.

5.  Know how of Conferences/Podcasting/Webinars – You may not be practising but a knowhow would be useful. 

You may have to:  Podcast on regular basis, conduct Webinars, Conferences.

6.  Searching Ability – You may not be a Sherlock Holmes or Byomkesh Bakshi, but certainly you need to have a flair for search engines/tools. 

You may have to: Do an extensive search & research on Company/brand/product or its compitition. 

7. Hunger for Knowledge updation – Social Media is ever growing and ever changing. You need to keep yourself updated. 

You may have to: Adapt to new technologies/ideas, think out of the box to utilise fully.

8. Interaction – Earlier internet was used as a tool to hide ur identity and interact. But Social media is compltly opposite. You need to Interact, share, gain.

You may have to: Engage, Interact, and find new ways to do the same.


These are the basic requirement for any Social Media Job. Besides these your experiance with Brands/ Clients also count a lot. 

Any more requirement you can think of??

Image:  Courtesy – Imagesbazaar.com


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What’s the hottest topic in the Internet today?? Social Media. Everyone is following the trend. Every Industry, Every person of every age group, every interest is using the social media. It’s a boon for the media, Companies, Organization, lifestyle and the list continues.

Now a Day every company/Organization has one or two employees who concentrate on social media. They are given many designations varying from Social Media Strategist to Social media Manager to Online Community Manager. And many of these are not only actively involved in the promotion of their Product/company/service but also in to Sharing their thoughts over Blogs, Microblogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.

I am in constant search n research for such people who are active on the Social media Platforms. This helps me in Knowing what’s the current trend as well as gaining new ideas.

I have decided to start a list, Comprising of Serious Social Media Guys not only to help with my research, but also for the companies to know that Social Media Professionals exist in real and it’s a serious Job. It would help the companies who are not into serious social media activities to hire Social Media Personnel (Strategist, manager, Consultant whatever :-)). There’s also a long list of freelancers who can be hired on project basis.

The list will be an Index of Social Media Professionals on an ongoing process.  I will be constantly updating the list on regular basis to keep it Genuine & Maintain the quality.  The list will mostly include the Indians or the Professionals working in India/ For India.

The requirements to get listed:

1. You are in to full time Serious Job. Something like, Your Organization relies on you for the same. Freelancers & hobbyists are also welcome.

2. You are a Employee, handelling  Social Media Practices . (Startups,  get ready to use the list to make your startup big!!)

3. Please indicate your Role, Link to Blog/Profile/Linkedin, a small Post describing your role. (Not more than 100 words)

4. Please mention clearly whether you are into using available Social Media tools or in to developing Social media Tools/Apps.

5.  If you dont meet the above requirements, Give Social Media Enthusiast as heading to the comment. I will list you Separately.

Just post a comment with the above requirements.  Suggestions if any, most welcome.


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Are you in following Social Media Sites?

Facebook, orkut, twitter, Linkedin etc etc . . Are you addicted to Feeds, Blogging? You have or you want to have a career in social media. This question always bangs your head – I want to be a Social Media Expert!!

I have been struggling since some time to define a role which suits me. A designation which makes people understand title-figwhat I am into. Some Roles are: Social Media Expert, Social Media Master, Social Media Manager, Social Media Consultant, Social Media Strategist . . and many more to go.. Other than these there are some different roles too like, Blogger, Community Manager, Web Innovator, Digital Media Expert etc.

I have come across many persons in personal and networking too, who have plans, ideas, ambitions to work for social media. But they are clueless about the Roles, Work Profile etc. 

New to India, Lack of Indian Role Models etc are reasons to mention a few. But, if you want to position yourself, want to be a role model, you should know, search and utilise the unique Skill and experiance which you can use in the desired profile.

Before you decide the social media role, note that – only two things can keep you on the top:

1. Be Original, Write original, New, Unique. 

2. Share your Knowledge, Ideas, Concepts, Views, opinions

Points which define your social media role. 

1. Industry: Which Industry do you belong? Eg. Media, FMCG, Finance, Aviation, Govt., NGO etc. 

2. Work Area/ Demography: Do you prefer to work for small communities/groups or you like to spread your word over the Industry wide area.

3. Knowledge/training/HR: Does your interests are towards, org policies, Changes, Management, Trianing, HR

4. Business: Is your target, groups or individuals. In other words u use social media for B2B or B2C.

5. Technical: Are you tech savvy. Is coding, Your cup of tea? 

6. Gadgets:  Are yoyu GAdget freak, User, like Reviewing new gadgets, new tech trends.

7. Communication: Are you related to Media, Communications, PR, Advertising

8. Research & Analysis:  Are you attracted my Numbers & Graphs? Are you in to prediction of emerging trends?

A careful study of these points can be helpful indefining your role. Some of the points can be merged with others as well. So, now when you know what you are in to, Grab the opportunity and position yoursef in the social media World.

And what else would you like to add?


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