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At some point or other we have always been inolved in Social Media. We are in all leading Social Networking Sites, Interacting with others, Discussing, Posting, Sharing etc……

Some of us are in to serious business of taking Social Media as a career.  So before applying for any Social media job, get to know what is expected from a Social Media Professional. Here’s a list. . .


1. In love with Social Media – You should be in love with Social Media. You should be active in Social networking sites like -Facebook, My Space, Orkut etc. Being Active means, Rather than Number of friends, Interaction Matters. Linkedin, Plaxo etc also count but not so much.

You  may have to: Build Strategies and Implement them for the company/Client on these platforms. 

2. Writing Skills – You should have a blog. You should be possesing good writing skills. Optimize the articles, for Search engines, with keywords. 

You may have to: Blog, Prepare presentations, write for Podcasts, Communicate with others, write weekly/monthly columns

3. Knowledge – you should be possessing knowledge about Internet marketing. PPC, SEO, SEM, Keywords should not be new to you. Knowledge of HTML, RSS, PHP, Flash is a plus.

You may have to: Prepare marketing strategies for company/client, Optimize the Site, Articles, Content as the requirement arises.

4.  Hardworker –  Social Media is a 24 Hours active profession. your target audience are scattered allover the world. If you are dealing with news, Updates etc. you need to be active. very Active.  Should be high in energy!! So, dont expect a 9-5 job.

You may have to: Post updates as and when required, be online for maximum, skip your holidays.

5.  Know how of Conferences/Podcasting/Webinars – You may not be practising but a knowhow would be useful. 

You may have to:  Podcast on regular basis, conduct Webinars, Conferences.

6.  Searching Ability – You may not be a Sherlock Holmes or Byomkesh Bakshi, but certainly you need to have a flair for search engines/tools. 

You may have to: Do an extensive search & research on Company/brand/product or its compitition. 

7. Hunger for Knowledge updation – Social Media is ever growing and ever changing. You need to keep yourself updated. 

You may have to: Adapt to new technologies/ideas, think out of the box to utilise fully.

8. Interaction – Earlier internet was used as a tool to hide ur identity and interact. But Social media is compltly opposite. You need to Interact, share, gain.

You may have to: Engage, Interact, and find new ways to do the same.


These are the basic requirement for any Social Media Job. Besides these your experiance with Brands/ Clients also count a lot. 

Any more requirement you can think of??

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Initializing SEO

So, you have a business. You are doing quite OK and want to expand more. Someone suggested- “Why dont you go online?” Are you online?

“Yeah” you say. “I have a web site and the address is included in all of our advertising. But . . . Why wouldn’t people be able to find it?”

Your existing customers or people knowing your web address can surely find you online. Are you sure your advertising reaches to every potential customer of yours? What about people who dont read newspapers/ magazines having your ads. Are they tuning the right radio station. and what about the TV show you are sponsoring? Are they getting the thousands of mailers/brochures u mailed?

Here comes Search Engines. where people could just enter few words (called Keywords), click a button and it shows the link to Your Website!!! Isnt it greatt??

Yes, it is possible but need to do some work. Here SEO plays its role. SEO ensures that your website is “Search Engine Friendly”.

Q: Is it very complicated ?
A: Not really. some basic steps are easy and you can go for it. read the step by step procedures.

So, Now you are ready for SEO of your Website.

Ok, lets start from start.

Step 1: Have a list of target Keywords ready. You need to Insert/Embed them in your pages.

Keywords, keyterms, and keyphrases

Keywords, keyterms, and keyphrases are the words you want your Web site to rank well for in the search engine results pages(SERP). Depending on your audience, yours can be one word, a combination of words, or an entire phrase.

Finding Keywords: Many online tools are available which can help you get your keywords. Just Google the term: online keywords tool

Tip: A common mistake is keeping your business name as keyword. Eg: If your Business is “ABC Furniture Ltd” and if you use this as keyword, It will be helpful for those who know you. But other users will not search for “ABC Furniture Ltd”. They will search for more common terms as “Consultant”. Instead of targeting the keywords you would use to find your own website, find the keywords your potential customer will search for. (reference)

Step 2: Page Title – The title of the HTML page should be short, describing the page content accurately. Wherever possible, try to include keywords (without losing the true purpose of the title). For example:

<title>ABC Furniture Ltd.</title>

Step 3: Metatags – Use the description and keywords metatags in the head of each web page. Make these tags different on each web page.

<meta name=”description” content=”Suppliers of quality furniture and accessories at discount prices.”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”furniture, office, store, shop, retail, discount”>

Step 4:
Heading Tags – Use heading tags. Search Engines place more emphasis on text within heading tags, so make sure they use keywords. Using one <h1> tag per page with the most important keywords is a good practice. Use other head tags also(<h2>, <h3>, etc) to provide variations and support to the main heading.

<h2>Office Tables</h2>
<p>… information about large Office Tables…</p>
<h2>Dining Tables</h2>
<p>… information about Dining Tables, etc etc…</p>

Step 5: Page Text – The text of your web pages must contain keywords, common phrases which users will search. Frequency of your keywords is also important – they should occur at least a few times, but should not be repeated so much that the copy becomes unnatural. The idea is to evenly spread keywords around without making it obvious.

<p>Buy office furniture at affordable prices from any of our retail stores.</p>

Remember that text contained within images won’t be picked up by search engines. Only actual text on the page will be indexed.

These are very basic steps towards SEO.

More articles to follow on SEO. .

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