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Recently came across a post by sourabh: Mutual Admiration Society.

Idea is something like this:

Promote and get promoted. You dont have to make sense. You dont have to create anything of value. You just have to sound good, be loud, scratch someone’s back and wait for the response.

Some of the rules as proposed by Sourabh:

  1. Thou shalt be loud AND secretive
  2. Thou shalt not have less than 500 friends on facebook, more than 500 connections on Linkedin, and follow more people that who follow you on twitter.  And yes, flaunt these everywhere.
  3. Thou shalt have a long signature with links to every single word you ever wrote on the Internet.
  4. Thou shall have a blog and would repost and reproduce content from other members of MAS popular bloggers. And thou shalt pimp the links on facebook, twitter, orkut, signature and every other imaginable place.
  5. Thou shalt at all times adhere to these rules and make them more inclusive with time.

So, if you feel you are capable enough to be the member of Mutual Admiration Society, just join us here!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=72664580280

Any more rules, are most welcome.



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skd181668sdcIn one of my earlier posts, I someone had asked a question regarding self branding. Is social media useful only for established brands/products? Can it be utilised for individuals? Here are some steps to establish yourself as a brand, or if not as a brand, but as a individual, then also these steps hold true!!!

1. Create a user friendly Id. 

Your id is a part of your brand. Id should be plain and simple. Your first coice should be your name. Its the strongest step for your personal brand. But if your name is already taken all over othe net, go fora a little tweaking, but be as close as possible. You want choose a entirly different word?? Dont worry, Go ahead, most of the social media sites take it as your login id, and your name will be along with it too!! For eg. My name is Sudhindra Rao, but I use umennet, and Sudhindra Rao follows umennet and vice versa!!

Whatever you use, keep it simple. No numbers and underscores. Cos, when your community grows, it will be difficult to remember your id. and number and special characters make it even more difficult. This will ultimatly reduce your interactions.

2. Make yourself being everywhere so that people cant avoid you

Starting with Networking sites, Microblogging, Blogging just spread yourself, to many other social media platforms. Comment on blogs, reply, Ask, Post in forums, Facebook. Join groups, communities of your interest and take part in discussions.

Keep your Bio Constant, with links to your online presence. Use email signatures. For eg my email signature is: 

Sudhindra Rao 
+91 98677 69061 

Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and STUPID.
I am incredibly slow, inaccurate and BRILLIANT.
Together WE are powerful beyond imagination.


 umennet  umennet  umennet2002
Contact Me: Linkedin  Facebook  Friendfeed  Twitter
3.  Say Something Please!!

No one likes people who dont tinteract and watch social media conversations. Social media is just like a Party, where you are surrounded more by unknown people than known ones. You need to go ahead and introduce yourself. Sometimes a  simple “Good Morning!!” can do wonders!!  or if you are more desparate try: “Anyone there to respond??”.

4.  Raise your Karma. Get  Spiritual!! 

Social media is all about Karma. Give the best, you will recieve the best. Got some great information? Share it with your community. you’ll be surprised to see the results. And in way you will be promoted by your friends in thier community.


5.  Be a content producer, not consumer.
Social media is a sharing platform. But nothing is better than sharing your own content.  If you can write, share your articles, if you click pictures, share the pics, if you can comment, comment on the blogs. Do something original. If you have ideas share it with like minded people. If you can sing, share your songs online.  Do something you are really passionate about. People will begin to notice and be drawn to your brand. Being a producer is much more rewarding, and it causes your network to flourish, thus positioning your brand for career success.


6.  Be distinct. Let strangers talk about you.
If you can say aloud on a topic, news, event, you can be spoken about by the people even you dont know. Once it starts, it will build your brand.  Stand for a cause, discuss, any current topic, raise questions, give ideas, all this will increase your followers.


I hope these points are enough as a start for establishing yourself as a brand. There are many examples supporting the steps mentioned. Just Google and you will find. 
Did you liked the post? Do comment if you have some questions, queries or ideas.


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