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Nano is the biggest Launch this year. All the auto experts in the world were waiting eagerly for the launch of, world’s cheapest car which costs less than $2000!!! Finally it is launched and it is up to the expectations. But as per our Indian tradition, there are people opposing it. Here are few points which have been said against NANO, and its answers

Its Too small: Yes, it is Small, but Spacious. Tata Engineers have built a small car, which looks like a toy, but it still has 20% more space than Maruti 800!! The back seats can easily accommodate 2 persons, without them being uncomfortable. The front of Tata nano has a space of around 80 Lts, which can be increased to 500 Ltr, by folding the back seats. Tata Nano is taller than Santro Zing, making it easy for tall persons also to sit easily.

Its not safe: Tata Nano is not made of fiber or other light material as Reva. Its a normal CAR. Its made of sheet metal, with a strong framing inside. It is as strong as any other car. yes, It lacks ABS & Air bags ( to be provided in future versions), but it still is safer than 3-4 people travelling on a bike.

Its cheap so compromization in Standards : Wrong. Tata has been known for their strict standard adherence. Tata Nano has been built up to standards and no compromise has been made.

It will cause pollution – Again Wrong!! Nano’s emission norms are Euro-4 ready. where as most other vehicles in India are just Euro-3!!

Tata Nano umennet

So, how come Tata can build such a car for such a low budget?? here’s the answer:

1 – The engine of car is rear mounted. So there is no load on front wheels which makes it easy to maneuver. so no need of power steering.

 2 – Base model of Nano has no AC, No power windows

3 – Engineering, Nano Engineers has designed Nano with some specialties to save money on  production. For e.g., the Rack & Pinion system for steering is generally in 2 parts, but Tata Engineers made it 1 unit so that the assembly time & money is reduced.

All these points add to make Nano the cheapest car in the world!!!

And lastly,


1 – Its a Dream Car!! –  yeah!! in India every family dreams of having an four wheeler. We cant negelct this dream by giving excuses of traffic! Its the Govt.’s duty to have more wider roads, and proper traffic managing.

2 – We dont say a word, when long, wide, costly cars ( taking up space of 2 small cars) are allowed in India, costing from  few lakhs to some crores (Hyundai i10 to Rolls Royce), but you cant digest a car which is affordable by most of the Indians. 

3 – Now a days, parking is a big problem. parking Smaller car means small parking area.

4 – Can you imagine, if Nano is replaced with all the taxis & autos, It can be more comfortable, cheap n safe. Tata are going to launch CNG and even battery operated Nano. Its much more safer for kids, makes city beautiful, The foriegners coming to India will feel good about India. 

5 – last but not least, We should be proud of India being the first country to produce our very own “The peoples’ Car”. Which every car manufacturer has always dreamt since years!!!


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We have won the BEST MUMBAI BLOG Competition conducted by Mumbaibloggers.

Here’s a result summary:

Best Mumbai Blog umennet

Our sincere thanks to all Our Readers, Mumbai Bloggers Team & Judges!!

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Our blog umennet.wordpress.com has got the Maximum Votes in the Best Mumbai Blog Contest held by Mumbai Bloggers.

Out of 59 blogs in contest and 296 total votes, we recieved 57 votes!!

Here is a glimpse –


 umennet - best mumbai blog


The top 5 blogs in the contest will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Based on the combined scores of Judges & Public the best 3 blogs will be announced on 15th March!!

A Bloggers’ meet has been organised on 21st March. Hope you have already registered for it. If not, you can register here.  The registration is compulsory for the event.

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You have liked umennet a lot. Thankx for it!!

Now its time to make it win the “Best Mumbai Blog” Contest. (courtesy: Mumbai Bloggers)

Vote for umennet. It will take nothing more than few moments!!


For Voting:

1) Go to http://www.mumbaibloggers.net/wp-login.php?action=register .
     Punch in your Desired Username & Id. Password will be maield to you to your inbox. 


2) Use the password to login here (http://www.mumbaibloggers.net/wp-login.php )


3) Go to http://www.mumbaibloggers.net/vote-for-the-best-blog and vote for umennet.wordpress.com!!!


Already voted?? I knew you would do that !!

Thankx a lot to all those who already voted!! 🙂

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Guys, There has been a regular buzz on Social Media. Its start, its implications, its effects, aftermaths etc etc. One recent example is the Mumbai Group on facebook (I am one of the administrators!!).

The recent attacks in mumbai raised many eyebrows having questions, anger, anguish, concerns, complains . . . they found a platform in the Mumbai Group. There was a leap in the members from mere 200 to 1300+ members in just 4-5 days.


People started commenting, posting, debating, sharing pictures, videos etc. And this is just an example, how social media impacts general public.

But on a serious note, Social Media is being used by the Corporate Giants, Organizations, Celebreties, Entertainment Industry & even Media!! I being a social media enthusiast too, have some questions.

Is Social media just having a profile in Facebook/Orkut, sharing pictures using flickr, uploading videos on youtube, chatting with friends? No, Social media is much much more than these. Having these queries, I approached to Bhanu, my dear friend & colleague, who was most willingly ready to answer my queries.

My next post will be an Interview with Mr. K Bhanuprakash on some serious topics related to Social Media. (Will be posted as soon as I recieve the answers).

His brief Introduction:

K BhanuprakashK. Bhanuprakash, having an experience of more than 8 years, heads the Digital/Interactive team of Hanmer MS&L, India. Started as an Entrepreneur (owned Web-Multmedia Agency), He shifted to Corp Comm, and presently handling the Online presence and promotion of some Major clients which Include MNC’s, Lifestyle giants and even celebrities!! He is Social media enthusiast, with spending a major chunk of his time in learning and implementing the ideas and strategies. He is also in to serious singing and hoping for a big break soon. He and his wife live in Thane, Mumbai. You can also follow him in Twitter & Facebook.

And now the winning thing!!

You can win cool T-Shirt while clearing your doubts by asking questions!!

If you have any questions, doubts, queries which you want to get answered, most welcome. Just post your questions in the comment box, and I will get those answered. And the reader asking a question which would be Mind Boggling, Unique, and makes us (me and Bhanu) to have a brainstorming session to answer, will have a chance to win a cool Tshirt with a design of your choice, Courtesy Inkfruit (Thanks Priyanka!!)


Inkfruit is a place for people to submit, discover and buy amazing custom t-shirt designs by artists from around the world. Based around an ongoing t-shirt design contest, all of the designs on Inkfruit have been submitted by community members. Inkfruit is headquartered in Bombay, India. It was launched in early December 2007. And using the social media, Inkfruit is also present on Facebook, Orkut & Blog. They have a special affiliate program in which you can have inkfruit online shop placed on your site, or Inkfruit ad banner on your site or blog and EARN too!!!!

This Contest is open for Indian residents Only.
Please ask questions about Social Media (Indian scenario would be appreciated) . Questions on other topics would not be considered.
Please mention your email carefully, because winner(s) will be contacted by email.
The contest closes on
Dec 16th and winners will be announced on Dec 18th.

And lastly, If we get some really good questions, we can have two winners!!

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Last few days were haywire. Withe terrorist attacks, then rescue operations, then the media coverages, media reviews, resignations . . . All these raised many questions.

Received a letter from my friend Ankeet Dave, putting the questions and what we can and should do for it?

The letter:



Wednesday, 26th November 2008, the day when Mumbai faced its worst terrorist attack. it has been 4 days now and probably the longest, most agonizing 4 days Mumbai has ever experienced.

I would first of all like to thank all the Police, Army, NSG and all the support staff who were involved in the fight against terror. Hats off to them who fought relentlessly for 60 hours, and won the battle against the terrorist (I said battle because the war has yet to be won) May the souls of all those who lost their lives rest in peace and god give their family the courage and strength to withstand such a grief which we even cannot imagine.

However there are many things which are hovering around the mind at present. All sorts of emotions are flowing that of anger, rage, insecurity, frustration, helplessness. Many questions are flooding the mind.

    • Why is India such a soft target?????????
    • Why is that a few b*****ds come to India and create such a havoc?
    • Who is responsible for this?
    • When are such terrorist attacks going to stop in the country?
    • Who is our real enemy? The terrorists or our system and government itself?
    • Why is there so much negligence on part of everyone?
    • Where is the accountability?
    • Why is there an indifferent attitude???( we are also included in this)

And this is the prime reason i had mentioned earlier that we have won the battle but the war will be won only after we answer the above questions. (And many more questions which I may have missed.)

The American intelligence department had already sent a warning regarding the possibility of terror attacks on Mumbai.(mail received by the center on 19 nov)

The mail had even mentioned that the attack would be carried by the sea route. The center had warned the state and the coast guards as well as all the 5 stars hotels in Mumbai.(Taj had also received a warning prior which Ratan Tata accepted few hours back in the press conference.)

Still shameless Vilasrao is stating that we had not received any specific information. (Was he waiting to get the blueprint of the terror attack????). Even the kolis had informed that there are few unknown suspicious people moving round the sea prior to the attack. Were these inputs not enough for the government to take precautionary actions? The government refused to send the NSG by a special aircraft. They had to come by road. They had to wait for public transport which caused delay. Such is the attitude of our government!!!!!!

The recent terror attacks have embarrassed India. It was a complete failure of our government and the system. It is a combination of complete negligence, lack of political will and indifferent attitude of the politicians towards the country.

The United States also experienced a deadly attack on 9/11. But ever since that us has not experienced a single attack. I would like to mention that there have been 14 unsuccessful terrorist attempts on America. This is because of the strong political will, unity of both the political parties and a strong stand that the US had taken on Afghanistan tit for tat attitude.

There is enough evidence with the government that Pakistan is behind the terror attacks. It is high time now that the government takes strict action against Pakistan.

The entire world is with India and no country will object an attack on the terrorist groups residing in Pakistan. Pakistan is breaching the LOC, the borders drawn on the sea.

So what is the government waiting for? Another attack on India???? ( But the vote bank politics comes in the way)

It was such a pitiful sight that the terrorists at CST had AK-47 in their hands and our havaldars had a wooden stick. Our police men have helmets and bulletproof jackets of the year 1992 which are only useful now to withstand air gun bullets leave the m6 bullets that the terrorists had. How can one expect our police men to fight in such an unfair condition? We have lost our top officials and many policemen due to this which is irreparable loss to the ATS, Mumbai police and the Country.

The consequences of such attacks will directly be on our economy. Foreign clients will think 100 times before giving projects to India and establishing fresh setups in India.

Foreign investments will be largely hit, tourism, the hotel industry will be largely affected. In all image of our country has been attacked.

Coming to the politicians again. Was there any need for Modi, Rane, Sonia to visit Taj during the operation putting more strain on the security. 24 cars and z security for one politician?? Come on, give me a break. Just look at the attitude of our deputy chief minister R R Patil stating such small incidents do occur in big cities. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I just received a message today stating where’s Raj Thakkery? Come on guys grow up. Let us not divert our energy and attention from the real fight against terror, against our system… Please behave responsibly and stop such forwards which will bring unrest. For the 1st time I am feeling the people have come together for a cause. Let’s now vote with a lot of thought. Let’s not take the Election Day just as holiday to go for a picnic. Let’s be together guys. A non cooperation movement of sort. Something to show we are not taking this lying down. Something, which can tell the leaders that we want our safety. Let’s show how many we are and how angry, tired and frustrated we are. What say? Let’s join the rally on Tuesday evening at Metro Cinema.

Let’s bring THE difference.
Jai Hind.

Amogh Umalkar

Amogh Umalkar can be contacted at: amoghumalkar@yahoo.co.in

For more discussions and Images, Join the Mumbai Group on Facebook: Click here

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