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Nokia Wahoo!!!

I have a Motorola Razr and it still is the matter of envy for many people. And if you think that Razr is only by Mototrola, then here’s a surcrise for you. Nokia, seems to have taken some inspiration for designing its new Mobile Nokia Wahoo. With a surprisingly similar name as Yahoo, its a stylish new slim flip phone from Nokia stable.



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Does your kiss feel the same when you try it on the phone? If not then let the inventor of the Kiss Phone help you out. This fugly looking phone phone created by George Koussouros records your kiss with its high-tech capabilities like pressure and sucking levels through its lusty lips. Yes, just need to close your eyes and kiss your way through. The receiver can then feel the real kiss you wanted to transmit.

Our in-house Nostradamus predicts that device will cause many break-ups and serious addictions when this concept becomes a reality with the sales touching the sky.

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