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In the present scenario of browser war between, IE, Opera, Firefox, Chrome & Others, I Found this very good social networking browser (powered by Mozilla), Flock. And as it says, Its Fast Convenient & Fun.

It has got lot of extensions powered by Mozilla.

And what makes it a social networking browser are the following:

1. It has a built in Tab, peoples, where by u can add, see, contact, and interact with your social networking friends in facebook, digg, youtube, pownce, twitter, flickr

2. Search, you can have a search through Google, yahoo. MSN, Ask, wikipedia, ebay, Technorati, Digg, Facebook, wink people

3. It has a inbuilt Photo uploader, Blog editor, web mail & Web clipboard

4. It has a inbuilt feed reader, and a media bar, which instantly finds pics, videos from digg, photobucket, flicks, facebook, youtube, picasa and more.

For more info on flock visit here.


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Time has changed and gone are the days where you had to spend huge money to advertise on televisions, radios or any such medium. With the advent of Web 2.0, companies especially startups have found a better, easier and faster method of spreading their ideas.

Just came across an interesting video [shown below], which demonstrates “Why the big bucks spent on marketing may not be good enough to catch the eyeballs of the consumer !!!

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