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The poster of Delhi 6 says -“From the Director of Rang De Basanti”. After Delhi 6, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra can proudly say in his next film’s poster as -“From the director of Rang De Basanti & Delhi 6“!!!

Delhi 6

Delhi 6 is a movie about Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan), an American, who comes to India with his grandmother (Waheeda Rehaman), as she wants to take her last breath in her country, in her City, Delhi. Roshan, in due course comes across characters like, Bittu (Sonam Kapoor), Madangopal (Om Puri), Ali Uncle (Rishi Kapoor) and many others. With a backdrop of Monkey Man hitting the Delhi streets, and superbly interwoven Hindu Muslim riots, Delhi 6 delivers a heart whelming story of Delhi. With emphasis on Emotions & Humanity, Delhi 6 moves through many issues, just like going through famous Dilli ki Galiyan. It may have locales of Delhi, but its very much like story of any other city in India.

If you have been to Delhi, You will certianly agree to the fact that Delhi is as shown in the Movie. And if you have not been to Delhi, Only heard of it, As I am, then also you will agree that Delhi must be as shown in the Movie. Delhi has always been shown as city of forts & Political Buildings, But the actual streets, better known as gallis, can be seen in this movie. The Children playing in streets, the masjid, temple in same street, the Jalebi wallah, the electrical shop, the traffic etc seem absolutely real. The Movie has been shot on sets, but you wont feel that, not even for a moment!! Binod Pradhan’s Cinematography is awesome.

After Drona, Abhishek Bachchan much deserved Hit, and hopefully Delhi 6 is the one. Abhishek plays the American returned, a bit confused, Character with ease. His expressions changes rapidly at the situations, when he comes across  traffic Jam, Jagraata, Qawwali, Riots or even when he watches Taj Mahal for the first time. He has played the cool American guy character, speaking mostly English, who doesnt believe in the caste/religion based issues etc. but on the other hand when he watches her Grandmother doing all this, he simply smiles!! Great job Abhishek.

delhi-6Sonam Kapoor was already pretty much popular before the film. She’s bubbly, Delhi Girl, with high aspirations, and daring enough to do anything for her aspirations. The love story hasn’t been established quite well, but thats understood, as they are just a part of main story.

Wahida Rehman, Does a good job. Rishi Kapoor & Ompuri, are well placed Characters. But they could have been given major role in the climax. Amongst other actors, Pawan Malhotra, Vijay Raaz, Divya Dutta, Atul Kulkarni & Deepak Dobriyal, Deepak Needs a special mention.

Music :

If you have A R Rahman with you, you are bound to hit the right note. What remains a major task is placements of songs, and it has been beautifully done. The Ramleela has been used in between many places as a symbolic to whats happening. It has been beautifully sung by Raghubeer yadav and picturised well.I wonder why some songs have not been shown full. The Delhi6 title track, Genda Phool, Even Massakali which was already a hit, was not shown fully. Although the songs are not fully shown, still they have been shot Beautifully.

Maula mere maula has been picturised awesomely and the shot of Jama Masjid is breath taking. Dil Gira Dafatan has been picturised such as a mix of Newyork & Delhi comes alive on screen. Massakali has been shot very beautifully, and Sonam looks even more beautiful.

Over all Delhi 6 is a complete package offering you every thing. You get to see, Delhi Streets, Dilli ka dil, love, Religion, Politics, Police and language.

My overall rating is 4 out of 5.

Have you seen the movie? What do think about it?


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Last weekend was a long one and I, along with my friends, went on a trip to Chiplun-Dhapoli. You can find the Pics here. While returning its was around 1 Am, and Massakali from Delhi 6 was playing loud…. and Bhanu and I were singing along with it. We listened to it atleast 4 times again n again…..

The song has a certain charm which keeps your ears glued to the sound. The words are simple which we use daily…. udd, mud, ghar, saloni, manmani…. and my first thought was its Gulzar again!! Who else can write such lyrics other than Gulzar?? But, to my surprise its Prasoon Joshi!! Prasoon Joshi has given some great Lyircs in Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, but this time , with Massakali, he has tried to have the Gulzar’s touch…. he has the special ability to transform the everyday used words in to meaningful songs. But now Prasoon Joshi also has done it, imagine transforming words such as  kasbe kuche nukkad basti . ..  in to a song!!!


Have a look at the song:

Aye Masakali Masakali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali
Aye Masakali Masa Masa Kali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali
Masakali Masakali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali
Zara Pankh Jhatak, Gai Dhool Atak
Aur Lachak Machak Ke Durr Bhatak
Ud Dagar Dagar Kasbe Kuche Nukkad Basti
Mein Yeah E Yeah E,
Itdi Se Mud Ada Se Ud,
Kar Le Puri Dil Ki Tamanna, Hawa Se Jud Ada Se Ud
Purr Bhuur Bhurrr Phuurrr, Tu Hai Heera Panna Ree
Masakali Masakali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali

Ghar Tera Saloni, Badal Ki Colony
Dikha de Thenga In Sabko Jo Udna Na Jane
(Udiyo Na Dariyo Kar Manmani Manmani Manmani
Badhiyo Naa Mudiyon Kar Nadani) – 2
Abb Than Le Muskan Le, Keh Sana Nana Na Na Na Hawa
Bas Than Le Tu Jaan Le, Keh Sana Nana Na Na Na Hawa
Aye Masakali Masakali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali
Aye Masakali Masa Masa Kali, Masakali Masakali, Ud Mata….

Tujhe Kya Gham Tera Rishta, Gagan Ki Bansuri Se Hai
Pawan Ki Guftagu Se Hai, Suraj Ki Roshani Se Hai
(Udiyo Na Dariyo Kar Manmani Manmani Manmani
Badhiyo Naa Mudiyon Kar Nadani) – 2
Abb Than Le Muskan Le, Keh Sana Nana Na Na Na Hawa
Bas Than Le Tu Jaan Le, Keh Sana Nana Na Na Na Hawa
Masakali Masakali, Ud Matak Matak Matakali
Masakali Masa Masa Masakali, Matak Matak …

Your first thought would be what’s Massakali. So, Director Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, says

My definition of Masakali… Masakali is a song about liberation and freedom. Flying high.

It is the name of the white pigeon which is dancing on Sonam’s head. The white pigeon has also found it’s way perched on the Delhi 6 logo. For me it depicts peace and love which is the essential soul of the film. The song is also Bittu’s (Sonam Kapoor) aspiration to break free and fly high.

My experience while shooting the song…well more than shooting it was while recording the song. While I was briefing Prasoon Joshi and AR Rahman on the same, Rahman kept coming up with the thought of a white pigeon and I told him it’s a strange coincidence that we have a white pigeon named Masakali in the film.


 Can you imagine a Dove being referred as: Heera panna, and badal ki Colony, and Dikha de thenga jo udna na jaane!! Hats off to the imgination. Prasoon Joshi’s flight of Imagination is even higher than massakali’s!!!

And to complement the song, Maestro A R Rahman’s Music. The use of Mouthorgan is simply awesome.

And the singer needs a special mention for delivering a brilliant performance.  Did you recognise the singer. He is Mohit Chouhan.Dont remember?? He is the same mohit Chouhan who sang:

Dooba dooba rehta hun yaadon me teri,
Deewana ban gaya hun main chahat me teri . .

After the Super success of Tum se hi (jab we met), he is again ready with massakali.

And the way its has been picturised needs a special mention. Sonam Kapoor looks just great in the promos. She looks the girl next door, and the way she dances with dove on her head, or walks on the streets,  or makes faces just make her more adorable each time.

Its  6th time the song is playing in my PC. I am just addicted to it!!!

Comments are most welcome . . .

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