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Today umennet blog has crossed the 10,000 viewers milestone!!

Thanks for your constant support & love, which made this possible.

10,000 viewers of umennet

Your suggestions to further improve the blog, or its contents are most welcome.

Once again Thanks for your overwhelming Response.



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You have liked umennet a lot. Thankx for it!!

Now its time to make it win the “Best Mumbai Blog” Contest. (courtesy: Mumbai Bloggers)

Vote for umennet. It will take nothing more than few moments!!


For Voting:

1) Go to http://www.mumbaibloggers.net/wp-login.php?action=register .
     Punch in your Desired Username & Id. Password will be maield to you to your inbox. 


2) Use the password to login here (http://www.mumbaibloggers.net/wp-login.php )


3) Go to http://www.mumbaibloggers.net/vote-for-the-best-blog and vote for umennet.wordpress.com!!!


Already voted?? I knew you would do that !!

Thankx a lot to all those who already voted!! 🙂

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BigAdda is using an interesting strategy to promote microblogging – instead of directly reaching out to consumers, they are banking on BigB to lead the marketing pitch.

BigAdda has enabled microblogging for BigB’s bloghttp://blogs.bigadda.com/ab/

Considering that he blogs once or twice everyday, with MoBlog he can now keep his fans updated on his activity by the minute. He can micro-blog on his blog – http://bigb.bigadda.com from anywhere and at any time. Big B’s fans, who leave thousands of comments on his blog site everyday, will now be updated even when their star is on the move while also helping Mr. Bachchan to keep his promise – “if you write to me. I will reply!”

This is a smart rollout plan because moblogging in India otherwise is happening only thru’ Twitter – which is still a geeky phenomenon.

Will BigAdda’s strategy work? While BigB’s blog will generate lot of PVs (which BigAdda will monetize in future), I am not too sure whether the avid bloggers will switch to BigAdda.

Having said that, it doesn’t really matter. Geeks aren’t the target user – BigAdda, in order to achieve a substantial user base will have to go beyond the net savvy junta and promote blogging as a ‘personal diary’.

What’s your take?

Ref: Plugged in

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Guys I think I m one of the luckiest person!!! It was quite a surprise for me. The millenium star whose each post gets 500+ comments every day, and sometimes crossess even 1000, notices comments and graceful enough to mention the names!! And i am happy being those lucky ones whose name he mentioned!!

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan mentioned my name in his blog!!!

Have a look:

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