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Our blog umennet.wordpress.com has got the Maximum Votes in the Best Mumbai Blog Contest held by Mumbai Bloggers.

Out of 59 blogs in contest and 296 total votes, we recieved 57 votes!!

Here is a glimpse –


 umennet - best mumbai blog


The top 5 blogs in the contest will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Based on the combined scores of Judges & Public the best 3 blogs will be announced on 15th March!!

A Bloggers’ meet has been organised on 21st March. Hope you have already registered for it. If not, you can register here.  The registration is compulsory for the event.


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What’s the hottest topic in the Internet today?? Social Media. Everyone is following the trend. Every Industry, Every person of every age group, every interest is using the social media. It’s a boon for the media, Companies, Organization, lifestyle and the list continues.

Now a Day every company/Organization has one or two employees who concentrate on social media. They are given many designations varying from Social Media Strategist to Social media Manager to Online Community Manager. And many of these are not only actively involved in the promotion of their Product/company/service but also in to Sharing their thoughts over Blogs, Microblogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.

I am in constant search n research for such people who are active on the Social media Platforms. This helps me in Knowing what’s the current trend as well as gaining new ideas.

I have decided to start a list, Comprising of Serious Social Media Guys not only to help with my research, but also for the companies to know that Social Media Professionals exist in real and it’s a serious Job. It would help the companies who are not into serious social media activities to hire Social Media Personnel (Strategist, manager, Consultant whatever :-)). There’s also a long list of freelancers who can be hired on project basis.

The list will be an Index of Social Media Professionals on an ongoing process.  I will be constantly updating the list on regular basis to keep it Genuine & Maintain the quality.  The list will mostly include the Indians or the Professionals working in India/ For India.

The requirements to get listed:

1. You are in to full time Serious Job. Something like, Your Organization relies on you for the same. Freelancers & hobbyists are also welcome.

2. You are a Employee, handelling  Social Media Practices . (Startups,  get ready to use the list to make your startup big!!)

3. Please indicate your Role, Link to Blog/Profile/Linkedin, a small Post describing your role. (Not more than 100 words)

4. Please mention clearly whether you are into using available Social Media tools or in to developing Social media Tools/Apps.

5.  If you dont meet the above requirements, Give Social Media Enthusiast as heading to the comment. I will list you Separately.

Just post a comment with the above requirements.  Suggestions if any, most welcome.


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