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Social Media Monkeys!

Recently found an interesting subject. 3 guys busy in mobile phones. and the first thing struck to me was Gandhiji ke Teen bandar!

Although it has revised to ” Bura hi Bolo, Bura hi Dekho, Bura hi suno”!

Being from social media background, its sad that this powerful media is used to share only bad, hatred and useless sarcasm!

Social media evolved a lot and recently Whatsapp is the biggest tool used by millions. To talk about India, Each user has (several groups), even I am member of many! And the groups are used to send:

  1. Good Morning messages. Which are mostly forwarded ones!
  2. Videos & memes: Again Forwarded ones
  3. Accident, Blood stained videos: Must be some psycho one who does that!
  4. Motivational videos: Nice, much too much over dose has killed the video value!
  5. Debate on national topics: now this is good one (i am member of such a group) where people actually debate on the things happening in society. Clear divide of Bhakts, Anti Bhakts & Aaptardas!

Are you members of any such groups? let me know in comments!


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