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Dr. Madhu Chopra launched of Studio Aesthetique, a first-of-its-kind aesthetic enhancement centre.  Studio Aesthetique was inaugurated by her daughter and Bollywood’s leading lady, Priyanka Chopra, at Juhu. Other bollywood celebrities present to show support and congratulate Dr. Madhu and Ashok chopra were, stars like Farah Khan, Vishal Bharadwaj , Sunita Gowarikar and designer Neeta Lulla .

Priyanka Chopra

Believing in “Fine Today Fabulous Tomorrow”, Dr. Madhu Chopra’s studio is spread across 2,000 sq.ft. and provides the latest techniques in the world of cosmetology by pre-eminent super-specialists using state-of-the-art technology.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Madhu Chopra said –

“Studio Aesthetique is the definitive destination for your every cosmetic enhancement need.  Our aim is to provide world class services and procedures with the best in the business in a calm and relaxed environment.  Every procedure at Studio Aesthetique will be carried out by doctors specializing in that particular field. Our fully certified surgical center includes highly-qualified medical personnel and board-certified anesthesiologists who offer complete cosmetic care and careful follow-ups. Our full array services are administered under the supervision of trained specialists.”

Studio Aesthetique will provide a full array of skin care services, injectables, laser treatments, microdermabrasions, liposuctions, breast augmentation and numerous other relevant treatments.

Inaugurating the clinic, Priyanka Chopra said – 

“It’s a very proud moment for me.  A lot of hard work, time, resources, in-depth research and months of training have gone into ensuring that Studio Aesthetique provides world-class treatments and services to its clients.  My parents have worked very hard to make this a reality and I’m confident that it will be a huge success. I wish them all the luck.” 

The Consultant Team of specialists comprises – two plastic surgeons, one general surgeon, two part time cosmetologists, one in-house cosmetologist, and two nutritionists making the team competitive and well-equipped to address any concerns clients might have.  Foreign consultants will also be available as Consulting Faculty, offering all standard hospital services including surgery. 

Studio Aesthetique will have the active participation of internationally acclaimed and certified plastic surgeons Dr. Satish Arolkar & Dr. Sunita More, renowned for their work in the field of sculpting, total facial rejuvenation & the latest cosmetic treatments. Dr.Reshma Hegde (Cosmetic Dermatologist) & Dr.Neetu Sharma (Aesthetician) being the other members of the team, will aid clients to achieve their flawless skin.

Priyanka chopra with guests



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The poster of Delhi 6 says -“From the Director of Rang De Basanti”. After Delhi 6, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra can proudly say in his next film’s poster as -“From the director of Rang De Basanti & Delhi 6“!!!

Delhi 6

Delhi 6 is a movie about Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan), an American, who comes to India with his grandmother (Waheeda Rehaman), as she wants to take her last breath in her country, in her City, Delhi. Roshan, in due course comes across characters like, Bittu (Sonam Kapoor), Madangopal (Om Puri), Ali Uncle (Rishi Kapoor) and many others. With a backdrop of Monkey Man hitting the Delhi streets, and superbly interwoven Hindu Muslim riots, Delhi 6 delivers a heart whelming story of Delhi. With emphasis on Emotions & Humanity, Delhi 6 moves through many issues, just like going through famous Dilli ki Galiyan. It may have locales of Delhi, but its very much like story of any other city in India.

If you have been to Delhi, You will certianly agree to the fact that Delhi is as shown in the Movie. And if you have not been to Delhi, Only heard of it, As I am, then also you will agree that Delhi must be as shown in the Movie. Delhi has always been shown as city of forts & Political Buildings, But the actual streets, better known as gallis, can be seen in this movie. The Children playing in streets, the masjid, temple in same street, the Jalebi wallah, the electrical shop, the traffic etc seem absolutely real. The Movie has been shot on sets, but you wont feel that, not even for a moment!! Binod Pradhan’s Cinematography is awesome.

After Drona, Abhishek Bachchan much deserved Hit, and hopefully Delhi 6 is the one. Abhishek plays the American returned, a bit confused, Character with ease. His expressions changes rapidly at the situations, when he comes across  traffic Jam, Jagraata, Qawwali, Riots or even when he watches Taj Mahal for the first time. He has played the cool American guy character, speaking mostly English, who doesnt believe in the caste/religion based issues etc. but on the other hand when he watches her Grandmother doing all this, he simply smiles!! Great job Abhishek.

delhi-6Sonam Kapoor was already pretty much popular before the film. She’s bubbly, Delhi Girl, with high aspirations, and daring enough to do anything for her aspirations. The love story hasn’t been established quite well, but thats understood, as they are just a part of main story.

Wahida Rehman, Does a good job. Rishi Kapoor & Ompuri, are well placed Characters. But they could have been given major role in the climax. Amongst other actors, Pawan Malhotra, Vijay Raaz, Divya Dutta, Atul Kulkarni & Deepak Dobriyal, Deepak Needs a special mention.

Music :

If you have A R Rahman with you, you are bound to hit the right note. What remains a major task is placements of songs, and it has been beautifully done. The Ramleela has been used in between many places as a symbolic to whats happening. It has been beautifully sung by Raghubeer yadav and picturised well.I wonder why some songs have not been shown full. The Delhi6 title track, Genda Phool, Even Massakali which was already a hit, was not shown fully. Although the songs are not fully shown, still they have been shot Beautifully.

Maula mere maula has been picturised awesomely and the shot of Jama Masjid is breath taking. Dil Gira Dafatan has been picturised such as a mix of Newyork & Delhi comes alive on screen. Massakali has been shot very beautifully, and Sonam looks even more beautiful.

Over all Delhi 6 is a complete package offering you every thing. You get to see, Delhi Streets, Dilli ka dil, love, Religion, Politics, Police and language.

My overall rating is 4 out of 5.

Have you seen the movie? What do think about it?

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Today umennet blog has crossed the 10,000 viewers milestone!!

Thanks for your constant support & love, which made this possible.

10,000 viewers of umennet

Your suggestions to further improve the blog, or its contents are most welcome.

Once again Thanks for your overwhelming Response.


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You have liked umennet a lot. Thankx for it!!

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Red Chillies Entertainment, ‘Billu’ (earlier titled Billu Barber), is the latest flm from the Priyadarshan Stable, Starring Irrfan Khan, Lara Dutta and Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.

sudamaThe film is based on a story from epic Mahabharata, from Lord Krishna’s life, Lord Krishna & Sudama. Sudama who is childhood friend of Krishna, is ashamed of his poverty and thinks that Krishna must have forgot him, but Krishna remembers his friend and his help. Billu Barber is modern adaptation of Krishna-Sudama Story.

It is a remake of a Malayalam film, Kadha Parayumbol. The saga of  ‘Billu’ is about the friendship of an ordinary barber and a Superstar. Priyadarshan has his own unique way of delivering the story in a simple and lucid manner which just grabs your attention.

“Billu” is a story of a barber, Billu (Irfaan Khan). He is struggling hard to run his shop, against all odds, No money, no furniture for shop, another barber in competition with modern saloon. Only person standing by his side is Billu Barberwife, Bindiya (Lara Dutta), who understand him. Billu struggles a lot to earn for his family. His poverty is another reason for loss of education of their children.

Things Suddenly change in a small village Budbuda (UP), when superstar Sahir Khan decides to shoot his film there. Sahir Khan is Billu’s childhood friend. Knowing that  Sahir Khan is Billu’s childhood friend, villegers’  behaviour suddenly changes towards Billu. Everyone wants to meet Sahir Khan through Billu. However, Billu tries to apprach him, but he fails to do so. With this the villagers get angry and already in trouble Billu has to face their additional wrath.  But at the end the story reveals when Sahir Khan himself, tells the villegers about their Friendship.

Coming to the performances, Irrfan Khan has once again done, what he does best, Acting. He is simply superb. He beautifully plays the character of Billu, who is happy and smiles even in toughest times. The scene where Billu rings Sahir Khan to talk is worth mentioning. Irrfan Khan has done it wonderfully. Lara Dutta is good. The kids Gunja & Kalu deserve a special mention.

Shahrukh Khan has played himself. His super stardom has been filmed very well. He calls himself King Khan, His posters are all over the village, People copying his Hairstyle, and even, Billu’s wife dreaming him in her dreams!! The three special special songs with Kareena, Deepika and Priyanka are worth watching. Though they are not of part of story, but doesnt seem to distract too.

The climax of the film, when Sahir Khan harks back to his childhood friendship with Billu and recalls the deep amity they both shared together makes you feel good, makes your heart feel good for the goodness.

With this film Priyadarshan proves that he can still make serious and sensitive films, and he has the same mastery as he has in making comedies.

The songs of film were already hit. The songs have been picturised superbly especially MarJani Marjani & Khudaya Khair. Pritam impresses with spongy music. And Gulzar has again written some great lyrics. just imagine this:

Wo jab nakhun kutarti hai, to chanda ghatne lagta hai,
Wo jab paani pe kadam rakhe, sagar bhi hat jata hai . .

Isnt it amazing!!!

On the whole, ‘Billu’ will be with you even when you leave from theatre. The movie leaves a sweet smile on your face and huge impression on your mind and that is its success.


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Presenting the interim Budget for 2009-10 in Lok Sabha, acting Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee claimed in Parliament on Monday that every effort has been made to fulfil promises made to the common man.
The Highlights are as follows:
  • India remains second-fastest growing economy in the world
  • Economy expected to grow 7.1 percent this fiscal
  • Need to make economic growth inclusive
  • Government spent Rs.70,000 (Rs.700 billion) crore on 37 infrastructure projects in 2008-09
  • Under public-private partnership (PPP), 54 central infrastructure projects approved 
  • Total expenditure of PPP projects estimated at Rs.67,700 crore (Rs.677 billion) 
  • India Infrastructure Finance Company to raise Rs.10,000 crore (Rs.100 billion) by end-March 
  • India has weathered inflation crisis, but no room for complacency 
  • Country’s agriculture outlook is encouraging 
  • Focussed attention to agriculture 
  • Plan allocation for farm sector hiked 300 percent in past five years 
  • Three-fold increase in short-term agriculture credit to Rs.250,000 crore (Rs.2,500 billion) 
  • Farm debt worth Rs.65,300 crore (Rs.653 billion) waived 
  • Government will continue to provide additional subsidy to farmers
  •  Corpus of Rural Infrastructure Development Fund hiked to Rs.14,000 crore (Rs.140 billion) from Rs.5,500 crore (Rs.55 billion) 
  • Outlay for higher education hiked 900 percent for 11th Five Year Plan 
  • Country’s social security net will be strengthened 
  • Record foreign direct investment of $32.4 billion attracted 
  • Global economic situation not encouraging 
  • Extraordinary situation merits extraordinary measures 
  • Need to consider additional fiscal measures in regular budget 
  • Financial sector reforms need to be accelerated 
  • In past three years, India grew by average of over 9 percent 
  • Per capita income expanded by 4.7 percent per annum 
  • Fiscal deficit was brought down from 4.5 percent to 2.7 percent 
  • Revenue deficit was cut from 3.6 percent to 1.1 percent 
  • Exports increased 26.4 percent per annum 
  • Foreign trade increased from 27.3 percent to 35.5 percent
  •  Tax to gross domestic product ratio expanded by 9.2 to 12.5 percent 
  • Agriculture grew by 3.7 percent per annum

More details here.

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Recently got a mail from twitter saying:  Shahrukh Khan is now following you!!! It may be a real one, but chances are more that it is fake one. Whatever, but it really seems that Bollywood is turning towards Social Media. And that too in a big way. Its giving Bollywood a whole new platform to interact directly with the audience.


Blogs- umennet

Blogging: Blogging bieng the simplest and a direct medium to reach the fans, Bollywood fraternity is turning towards Blogging. It all started with Amitabh Bachchan. With his blog He has found a direct way to reach his fans, by sharinghis stories, his experiances, even the pics clicked by him with his mobile. He also Microblogs thru his mobile. Aamir Khan Also has blog & many others have followed, Karan Johar, Shilpa Shetty, Farhan Akhtar and many more. It has always been a question whether these celebrities post themselves or some other person/agency has been given the task to write on their behalf. Whatever may be the actual story, but Star bloggers are getting a Overwhelming response. Many of them are not as regular as Mr. Bachchan. No wonder his blogs get as many as 16000 hits per day, with 700+ Comments on an average for a single post!!!

sn_logos1Social Networking: Bollywood biggies are also present on social media. Though many are fake profiles, but some like, Farhan Akhtar, Abhishek Kapoor are original ones. Many Bollywood technicians are also present on Social medianetwork. Sites such as Facebook & Orkut are the next midium to promote movies. Many Production Houses are on these sites. Major ones being  UTV, PVR Pictures, Eros Multimedia etc. Some of the recent films which have been promoted thru Social Networking are: Drona, Rock On, Dostana, Luck By Chance, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Delhi 6, Dev D etc. The Promotional Materials such as posters, Movie stills, Audio/Video Clips etc are shared with the members. Drona even released the promotional Videos first on Facebook then on other TV Channels!! Some Groups/communities have more than 3000 members. And even the Biggies related with the movie interact with the members!!

Videos: You tube is the biggest social medium for bollywood to reach to audience. Its being exploited in a big scale. Companies such as Rajshri, Eros etc have set up their own channels through which they release Videos. Although the same videos are uploaded by numerous other users but these original channels have a upper hand in releasing the videos first and so have more views.

Websites: The movie websites are now being made web 2.0 compatible. The Movie’s social presence is being shared in the websites. Recent example being Dev D. It has mentioned its presence on Facebook, Orkut and even in Perfspot, whcih is not so popular in India!! Even Farhan Akhtar’s Show Oye, Its Friday has a website in which Farhan Hosts his blog.

And last but not least . . . Saawariya was the fisrt in Bollywood to start twitterring and after noticing it, Twitter team started short code for India!!!

Got something more interesting to share, which i missed out… Do share…..

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