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Last weekend was a long one and I, along with my friends, went on a trip to Chiplun-Dhapoli. You can find the Pics here. While returning its was around 1 Am, and Massakali from Delhi 6 was playing loud…. and Bhanu and I were singing along with it. We listened to it atleast 4 times again n again…..

The song has a certain charm which keeps your ears glued to the sound. The words are simple which we use daily…. udd, mud, ghar, saloni, manmani…. and my first thought was its Gulzar again!! Who else can write such lyrics other than Gulzar?? But, to my surprise its Prasoon Joshi!! Prasoon Joshi has given some great Lyircs in Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, but this time , with Massakali, he has tried to have the Gulzar’s touch…. he has the special ability to transform the everyday used words in to meaningful songs. But now Prasoon Joshi also has done it, imagine transforming words such as  kasbe kuche nukkad basti . ..  in to a song!!!


Have a look at the song:

Aye Masakali Masakali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali
Aye Masakali Masa Masa Kali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali
Masakali Masakali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali
Zara Pankh Jhatak, Gai Dhool Atak
Aur Lachak Machak Ke Durr Bhatak
Ud Dagar Dagar Kasbe Kuche Nukkad Basti
Mein Yeah E Yeah E,
Itdi Se Mud Ada Se Ud,
Kar Le Puri Dil Ki Tamanna, Hawa Se Jud Ada Se Ud
Purr Bhuur Bhurrr Phuurrr, Tu Hai Heera Panna Ree
Masakali Masakali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali

Ghar Tera Saloni, Badal Ki Colony
Dikha de Thenga In Sabko Jo Udna Na Jane
(Udiyo Na Dariyo Kar Manmani Manmani Manmani
Badhiyo Naa Mudiyon Kar Nadani) – 2
Abb Than Le Muskan Le, Keh Sana Nana Na Na Na Hawa
Bas Than Le Tu Jaan Le, Keh Sana Nana Na Na Na Hawa
Aye Masakali Masakali, Ud Mataakali Mataakali
Aye Masakali Masa Masa Kali, Masakali Masakali, Ud Mata….

Tujhe Kya Gham Tera Rishta, Gagan Ki Bansuri Se Hai
Pawan Ki Guftagu Se Hai, Suraj Ki Roshani Se Hai
(Udiyo Na Dariyo Kar Manmani Manmani Manmani
Badhiyo Naa Mudiyon Kar Nadani) – 2
Abb Than Le Muskan Le, Keh Sana Nana Na Na Na Hawa
Bas Than Le Tu Jaan Le, Keh Sana Nana Na Na Na Hawa
Masakali Masakali, Ud Matak Matak Matakali
Masakali Masa Masa Masakali, Matak Matak …

Your first thought would be what’s Massakali. So, Director Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, says

My definition of Masakali… Masakali is a song about liberation and freedom. Flying high.

It is the name of the white pigeon which is dancing on Sonam’s head. The white pigeon has also found it’s way perched on the Delhi 6 logo. For me it depicts peace and love which is the essential soul of the film. The song is also Bittu’s (Sonam Kapoor) aspiration to break free and fly high.

My experience while shooting the song…well more than shooting it was while recording the song. While I was briefing Prasoon Joshi and AR Rahman on the same, Rahman kept coming up with the thought of a white pigeon and I told him it’s a strange coincidence that we have a white pigeon named Masakali in the film.


 Can you imagine a Dove being referred as: Heera panna, and badal ki Colony, and Dikha de thenga jo udna na jaane!! Hats off to the imgination. Prasoon Joshi’s flight of Imagination is even higher than massakali’s!!!

And to complement the song, Maestro A R Rahman’s Music. The use of Mouthorgan is simply awesome.

And the singer needs a special mention for delivering a brilliant performance.  Did you recognise the singer. He is Mohit Chouhan.Dont remember?? He is the same mohit Chouhan who sang:

Dooba dooba rehta hun yaadon me teri,
Deewana ban gaya hun main chahat me teri . .

After the Super success of Tum se hi (jab we met), he is again ready with massakali.

And the way its has been picturised needs a special mention. Sonam Kapoor looks just great in the promos. She looks the girl next door, and the way she dances with dove on her head, or walks on the streets,  or makes faces just make her more adorable each time.

Its  6th time the song is playing in my PC. I am just addicted to it!!!

Comments are most welcome . . .


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Aamir Khan has been roped in to do a video for Incredible India by tthe Ministry of  Tourism, India.

In the video he is requesting people not to harass foreign visitors, by saying “Atithi Devo Bhava”

After the 8 Packs of Ghajini, you can see him here in the 3 Idiots look. He has lost oodles of weight for a college going youngster character.

Ministry of Tourism has empanelled 15 creative agencies for the global Incredible India campaign.

The 15 empanelled agencies include Mudra, Lowe, Contract, W+K, Dentsu Marcom, TBWA India, Mercantile Advertising, Stark Communications, Crayons, Critique, Quantum, Basic Four, FS Advertising, IBD India and India Tourism Development Corporation’s creative wing (also known as Ashok Creatives). The ad spends are estimated to be more than Rs 120 crore for the global campaign. The 15 agencies have been appointed for a period of two years.

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Ok, there has been much saying about Akshay Kumar being the new king of Bollywood. Certainly giving a series of hits in 2008 was a great thing. And to end it off with Singh is King was icing on the cake.  But , he has still to work more, and be more choosy in the films, he certainly is a good actor, with great comic timing & Awesome action but wrong movies can never make him king. Singh is king may be a super hit, but still it was certainly not the movie to declare anyone a king.

Chandni Chowk to China

Coming on to Chandi Chowk to China. Much hype was created about it being inspired by Akshay Kumar’s life. Also big names were associated  with it like, Warner Bros., Sippys, Nikhil Advani. With some great locations like The Great Wall of China, Beutiful Deepika Padukone, Kung Fu and some Chinese Fighters. But all these could also not make it an Great (& hit) movie.

A tale of a guy travelling from Chandni Chowk to China, being considered as a king reborn, expecting him to free them from Hojo, their enemy.  Entangled, in between the story of Deepika Padukone, as twin sisters, one chinese, and one Indian, with a Chinese father, who surprisingly gets back the police job & uniform, after being vanished for 20+ years!!!

Some scenes like flying in air etc were taken from the regular Chinese movies, and I am still figuring out, what a Cosmic Kung-Fu is??

Coming to the performances, Akshay Kumar was as usual, Good with comedy, timing of dialogues, Ease in acting. deepika PadukoneDeepika Padukone is good. The chinese one looks like Esha Deol. Is it cos, both are south Indinas ?? ( 😉 bad joke!! ). Other actors like, Mithun, Roger Yuan (as Inspector) are good. Ranvir Shourie as Guruji has been given a good share of screen, and he delivers well. The Character of Hojo was not well defined.  Music, good background score, ok ok songs. Phatte Chak de is good one. Kudos to Kailash Kher. All seems good, but where did it lacked?? 

Nikhil Advani

It lacked in story telling & Direction. Nikhil Advani, seemed a promising director with ease in story telling, in Kal Ho Na Ho. But lacked the pace in Salaa-e-Ishq. But in this movie, it seems he has lost itall!! What is that, when Maithun kicks Akshay and he falls here n there?? Whats the Cosmic Kung Fu? (yeah, I am still trying to understand),  and the song in which akshay flies in air with Deepika. What was that?? Cosmic love??

At the end, what does he want to show, by tranforming Hojo in to a potato? Is this a kids film? And, if at last, Akshay has to use his Cooking skills to fight, whats the use of getting trained in Kung fu?…and Cosmic Kung Fu?? (:-D) I can only say, Jhol hai saara Jhol hai ye pyaare…..!!!! Nikhil, Better wake up, or Kal Ho Na Ho .. . .

Come on guys. Grow Up. You are premiering this in UK. Is this what u show to international Audience? and then Aksahy says: Keep your brain at home. Disgusting. Even if u keep your brain at home, you will find the movie Bogus.

Chandi Chowk to China seems entertaing for an hour, but then it drags. It drags hopelessly. Sorry Mr. Akshay, this is not the right path to be a King. I mean you are good, with Comedy, Action & all (except Emotions), but you need to be backed up by Good stories & Directors. 

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Social medi amanager for britney - umennet

Britney spears is already in social media, with her presence in youtube, twitter, myspace & Facebook. 


Now To manage these profiles, she needs a Social Media Manager!! Do You think you r capable enough?? 

So, Her Social media manager rquirement ad is :

Briney Needs Social Media Manager - Umennet

Briney Needs Social Media Manager - Umennet
































Pretty Cool eh? 🙂  

Any reactions??

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At some point or other we have always been inolved in Social Media. We are in all leading Social Networking Sites, Interacting with others, Discussing, Posting, Sharing etc……

Some of us are in to serious business of taking Social Media as a career.  So before applying for any Social media job, get to know what is expected from a Social Media Professional. Here’s a list. . .


1. In love with Social Media – You should be in love with Social Media. You should be active in Social networking sites like -Facebook, My Space, Orkut etc. Being Active means, Rather than Number of friends, Interaction Matters. Linkedin, Plaxo etc also count but not so much.

You  may have to: Build Strategies and Implement them for the company/Client on these platforms. 

2. Writing Skills – You should have a blog. You should be possesing good writing skills. Optimize the articles, for Search engines, with keywords. 

You may have to: Blog, Prepare presentations, write for Podcasts, Communicate with others, write weekly/monthly columns

3. Knowledge – you should be possessing knowledge about Internet marketing. PPC, SEO, SEM, Keywords should not be new to you. Knowledge of HTML, RSS, PHP, Flash is a plus.

You may have to: Prepare marketing strategies for company/client, Optimize the Site, Articles, Content as the requirement arises.

4.  Hardworker –  Social Media is a 24 Hours active profession. your target audience are scattered allover the world. If you are dealing with news, Updates etc. you need to be active. very Active.  Should be high in energy!! So, dont expect a 9-5 job.

You may have to: Post updates as and when required, be online for maximum, skip your holidays.

5.  Know how of Conferences/Podcasting/Webinars – You may not be practising but a knowhow would be useful. 

You may have to:  Podcast on regular basis, conduct Webinars, Conferences.

6.  Searching Ability – You may not be a Sherlock Holmes or Byomkesh Bakshi, but certainly you need to have a flair for search engines/tools. 

You may have to: Do an extensive search & research on Company/brand/product or its compitition. 

7. Hunger for Knowledge updation – Social Media is ever growing and ever changing. You need to keep yourself updated. 

You may have to: Adapt to new technologies/ideas, think out of the box to utilise fully.

8. Interaction – Earlier internet was used as a tool to hide ur identity and interact. But Social media is compltly opposite. You need to Interact, share, gain.

You may have to: Engage, Interact, and find new ways to do the same.


These are the basic requirement for any Social Media Job. Besides these your experiance with Brands/ Clients also count a lot. 

Any more requirement you can think of??

Image:  Courtesy – Imagesbazaar.com


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Recently came across a post by sourabh: Mutual Admiration Society.

Idea is something like this:

Promote and get promoted. You dont have to make sense. You dont have to create anything of value. You just have to sound good, be loud, scratch someone’s back and wait for the response.

Some of the rules as proposed by Sourabh:

  1. Thou shalt be loud AND secretive
  2. Thou shalt not have less than 500 friends on facebook, more than 500 connections on Linkedin, and follow more people that who follow you on twitter.  And yes, flaunt these everywhere.
  3. Thou shalt have a long signature with links to every single word you ever wrote on the Internet.
  4. Thou shall have a blog and would repost and reproduce content from other members of MAS popular bloggers. And thou shalt pimp the links on facebook, twitter, orkut, signature and every other imaginable place.
  5. Thou shalt at all times adhere to these rules and make them more inclusive with time.

So, if you feel you are capable enough to be the member of Mutual Admiration Society, just join us here!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=72664580280

Any more rules, are most welcome.


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What’s the hottest topic in the Internet today?? Social Media. Everyone is following the trend. Every Industry, Every person of every age group, every interest is using the social media. It’s a boon for the media, Companies, Organization, lifestyle and the list continues.

Now a Day every company/Organization has one or two employees who concentrate on social media. They are given many designations varying from Social Media Strategist to Social media Manager to Online Community Manager. And many of these are not only actively involved in the promotion of their Product/company/service but also in to Sharing their thoughts over Blogs, Microblogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.

I am in constant search n research for such people who are active on the Social media Platforms. This helps me in Knowing what’s the current trend as well as gaining new ideas.

I have decided to start a list, Comprising of Serious Social Media Guys not only to help with my research, but also for the companies to know that Social Media Professionals exist in real and it’s a serious Job. It would help the companies who are not into serious social media activities to hire Social Media Personnel (Strategist, manager, Consultant whatever :-)). There’s also a long list of freelancers who can be hired on project basis.

The list will be an Index of Social Media Professionals on an ongoing process.  I will be constantly updating the list on regular basis to keep it Genuine & Maintain the quality.  The list will mostly include the Indians or the Professionals working in India/ For India.

The requirements to get listed:

1. You are in to full time Serious Job. Something like, Your Organization relies on you for the same. Freelancers & hobbyists are also welcome.

2. You are a Employee, handelling  Social Media Practices . (Startups,  get ready to use the list to make your startup big!!)

3. Please indicate your Role, Link to Blog/Profile/Linkedin, a small Post describing your role. (Not more than 100 words)

4. Please mention clearly whether you are into using available Social Media tools or in to developing Social media Tools/Apps.

5.  If you dont meet the above requirements, Give Social Media Enthusiast as heading to the comment. I will list you Separately.

Just post a comment with the above requirements.  Suggestions if any, most welcome.


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