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Another year passed by . . . A lot to achieve, few important which I lost . .  Well time passes by. A new year starts from tomorrow. I hope I have lots more to achieve.  So here’s a quick wrap up of  the passing year. with some new resolutions . . Yeah Yeah ..  I know I am no celebrity to share all these, but still, you have landed so go on . . ..

By the way Dasvidaniya means Goodbye in Russian & Konnichiwa means Welcome in Japanese!!!


Got to do something new other than Web designing/Developing. I always did that but never knew that it can be taken as profession!! So Here I am now Social Media Enthusiast, Social media Consultant, Social Media Strategist!! Sounds cool!!!

Started this new role with a Promotion of a celebrity product, worked on some major big Brands and presently handling some great  clients/brands.

My Company Hanmer & Partners became Hanmer MS&L, and now we are –  Advisors. Advocates. Activists. !!!

My Blog which was inactive a few months ago, is now active, with more regular and relevant posts. With an average daily visit increasing by 138%!!!

Started/Administered some Famous groups in Facebook, with great responses, and regular interactions.

Microblogging Followers almost doubled!! Got more ideas, opened my mind more towards the social media strategies & implementations.

Have a achievement of having a great online presence, which I am proud of!!

In the coming year have many more plans to explore and implement more than ever, and to get more out of me, out of life!!!


Personal life had many many many experiences. Some good, some bad. Some great, some not so great, some… Ahhh leave it.

Got to know that I look good in formals than casuals.  (Kyun ji?? sahi hai na??). So had a lot of formal dressing this year. Had a haircut, tried something new, with spikes and all that. Hmmm… looks good!! 🙂 Thanks Meena!!

2 engagements in family in Nov & Dec. Got 2 new members in my family, and 2 new great families.  Got 2 great friends for life!! All the best Guys!!!

My sis got selected for Satyam, Still waiting for Joining Dates. Presently in Hyd searching for Job.

Hoping the coming new year brings lot more happiness in life.


Got to see some great movies!! Some great music. Had quite a few important and good contacts. Had some great parties and get together.  Had  3 trips to my hometown -Bhilai and got 5 chances to be with my family!! Amazing!!

3 of my friends are also getting married in the first quarter, next year!!

Michael blessed with son!! And Puneet Sharma also Blessed with a baby boy!! Great work Guys!!! 😉

Ankeet left Hanmer, joined Vitcom!! All the best dude!!

New year Resolutions:


1. The one which I take every year – need to shed some weight!! I hope this year I stick to it.

2. Need to be more punctual. automatically followed by previous one. .  still I will Try!!

3. Have to have a recognition is social media fraternity.

4. Need to improve my writing skills for social media optimization!! 🙂

5. Have to manage some important thing much better.

6. Have to be regular in Blog Postings!!

These are to name a few and too much to share!!! hahahaha . .

Got this from here:

“Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. Grab life by the mane. Set God-sized goals. Pursue God-ordained passions. Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention. Keep asking questions. Keep making mistakes. Keep seeking God. Stop pointing out problems and become part of the solution. Stop repeating the past and start creating the future. Stop playing it safe and start taking risks. Expand your horizons. Accumulate experiences. Consider the lilies. Enjoy the journey. Find every excuse you can to celebrate everything you can. Live like today is the first day and last day of your life. Don’t let what’s wrong with you keep you from worshipping what’s right with God. Burn sinful bridges. Blaze a new trail. Criticize by creating. Worry less about what people think and more about what God thinks. Don’t try to be who you’re not. Be yourself. Laugh at yourself. Quit holding out. Quit holding back. Quit running away”

Ok Guys with this great note, Wishing you all a Happy, Prosperous and Safe New year!!!



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I have had many opportunities to interact with clients on social media.  Some are quite aware and excited for it, some are confused, and some have thoughts that its not here to stay. 

I feel nearly 50% – 60% of middle level to upper lever organizations, Industries have social media presence.  But whats going wrong. Why they are not so popular as others in social media.

reasons for such an result is:

1. We dont need Social media:

Wake up!! its 2009! Twitter is getting older, Facebook even more, and orkut was centuries ago!!! If you still dont understand the power and impact of social media. only magic can save you. Atleast get registered yourself, to ensure someone else is not using your brand.

2. Starting Problem:

You heard abt Social media. WOW!! Sounds cool. and you created your shiny profiles on every possible social media site. Posted some comments, images and in few days you forgot. You never ever again bothered to update, discuss, interact with users/members. Less or no interactions indicate that you are their just for showing your face. So, for a start, rather than being on all platforms, signup 1-2 major social media services, and be regular on them.

3.  Plagiarism

Ok, so you needed some content for you presence, just googled, copied and pasted. there are several forums, discussions boards, having same topic and sometimes even same discussion also. Social media gives everyone a great chance to be original, new an cosntructive. Be original, authentic, then only your presence will be worth.

4. Experimentation

You say, we are experimenting social media. Great!! you must. But experimenting means, lack of seriousness, which can’t give convincing results. Experimenting is necessary but target, goal should be pretty clear, without loosing anything.

5. My young intern is handeling social media.

Social media is most well understood by youngsters. True. Do they handle the press releases or other big tasks. No. then why social media. Does your intern as know about/serious about your brand as you are? And even if he knows everything, what when he leaves? He takes away all the contacts, friends, insights and you will have to start all over again.

So what actually is the solution???

Just 4 simple steps:

  • Start doing it
  • Moniter/Track it
  • Learn from it / Plan new strategies
  • Repeat the above steps

So the bottom line is – If you want to participate in social media you have to see the value. And the value is your participation.

Got some points to add??

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MY BLOG HAS BEEN SHIFTED TO http://blog.umennet.com.


ghajiniGhajini, Aamir’s new release, was the most awaited movie of the year. All the hype created was like, it will be an out of the way movie like Lagaan or Taare Zameen Par, but its a regular commercial movie. With a simple story of love and revange. Nothing new in the story line. But the show stealer is performance, direction and not to forget the action.

Majorly inspired from by Christopher Nolan’s Memento, Plot revolves around Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan), a Big Shot industrialist, sufferring from short-term memory loss, Searching for a person who is responsible for death of his girlfreind, Kalpana(Asin). Due to his Memory loss, he cant remember anything beyond 15 mnts, to remember he tattoos the imp details on his body. Film is divided in beutiful romance and gruesome action. A remake of the Tamil blockbuster, Ghajini seems to be exaggerated in drama and action.

Aamir is once again with his brilliant performance. Be it the rich man’s Business style, or the lovers charm, or the Action, or his growling like a tiger/Chasing dog in the action scenes or the mannerisms like using left hand, you cant take your eyes off him. And when the audience , even in a multiplex, claps and whistles, it shows what Aamir is all about.

asin-822385759_std1Asin is a fresh, charming leading lady for the film. She portrays a small time model, who is very helpful and is is the love interest of Aamir Khan. She seems to be here to fill the void of Sridevi. She has the innocent smile, and the active sweet talking mannerisms of Sridevi. Other Actors, pradeep Rawat, Tinu Ananad, etc are also good. Jiah Khan is Ok.

Music of the film is not superhit, but is being liked by some. 3 Songs make the impact, Guzarish, Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye & Behka Behka. Picturisation is great!!!

Now comes the action Part. Hindi audience will see the south style action, but interestingly, Aamir makes the impact in the action. and actions scenes not look artificial as in the Rajnikanth or Cheeranjivi’s flicks. Some scenes like hitting with an iron rod seems gruesome and would not be liked by female audiences to an extent.

Overall Ghajini is an ordinary movie with extraordinary performances and Direction. Its like the old ’80’s films with all the masala, and tadka of Aamir. And believe me you wont forget the taste for long.

I Would Rate it 3  out of  5

My Suggession? Go for IT!!!

Some specials:

1.  Asin tells everyone that Sanjay Singhania is in love with her. Even an article is published. Doesnt the article publish the pic of a business tycoon? And cant Asin google the name Sanjay Singhania, just to know how he looks like??  Logic ends here and Magic begins…. HINDI MOVIE MAGIC!!!!!

2.  Ghajini is the name of the Villain!! I suppose this is for the first time a Hindi film is named after a villain!!

3.  It seems the Khans are taking the Khan war a bit too seriously. In a scene Sunil Grover has been roped in, pretending to be Sanjay Singhania & Aamir laughs loudly at him. And a remark says: “Ja tu ads kar. Acting tujhse nahi hogi!!!”

4.  Aamir’s Statue with his tatoos is placed in the cinema Halls, and people are flocking to get picturised!!

5.  Fame cinemas, Mumbai is offerring a free Ghajini Haircut with every 2 or more tickets purchase!!

6.  Dont throw away your Ghajini Tickets. Yes, you can redeem the whole amount spent while shopping Van Heusan!!!

7. And hold your breath!! A Ghajini 3D Game is also to be released!!!

7. And last but not least, do visit Ghajini Official Website.  And interesting website, using the videos of the film, and yet keeping it fast. Loads of downloads. And a surprise element: If you dont do anything for 15 Minutes. the screen goes white!!! You need to start all over again. SMART!!!

Have you seen the movie?? Have some more comments to add??? Would love to read it.


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skd181668sdcIn one of my earlier posts, I someone had asked a question regarding self branding. Is social media useful only for established brands/products? Can it be utilised for individuals? Here are some steps to establish yourself as a brand, or if not as a brand, but as a individual, then also these steps hold true!!!

1. Create a user friendly Id. 

Your id is a part of your brand. Id should be plain and simple. Your first coice should be your name. Its the strongest step for your personal brand. But if your name is already taken all over othe net, go fora a little tweaking, but be as close as possible. You want choose a entirly different word?? Dont worry, Go ahead, most of the social media sites take it as your login id, and your name will be along with it too!! For eg. My name is Sudhindra Rao, but I use umennet, and Sudhindra Rao follows umennet and vice versa!!

Whatever you use, keep it simple. No numbers and underscores. Cos, when your community grows, it will be difficult to remember your id. and number and special characters make it even more difficult. This will ultimatly reduce your interactions.

2. Make yourself being everywhere so that people cant avoid you

Starting with Networking sites, Microblogging, Blogging just spread yourself, to many other social media platforms. Comment on blogs, reply, Ask, Post in forums, Facebook. Join groups, communities of your interest and take part in discussions.

Keep your Bio Constant, with links to your online presence. Use email signatures. For eg my email signature is: 

Sudhindra Rao 
+91 98677 69061 

Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and STUPID.
I am incredibly slow, inaccurate and BRILLIANT.
Together WE are powerful beyond imagination.


 umennet  umennet  umennet2002
Contact Me: Linkedin  Facebook  Friendfeed  Twitter
3.  Say Something Please!!

No one likes people who dont tinteract and watch social media conversations. Social media is just like a Party, where you are surrounded more by unknown people than known ones. You need to go ahead and introduce yourself. Sometimes a  simple “Good Morning!!” can do wonders!!  or if you are more desparate try: “Anyone there to respond??”.

4.  Raise your Karma. Get  Spiritual!! 

Social media is all about Karma. Give the best, you will recieve the best. Got some great information? Share it with your community. you’ll be surprised to see the results. And in way you will be promoted by your friends in thier community.


5.  Be a content producer, not consumer.
Social media is a sharing platform. But nothing is better than sharing your own content.  If you can write, share your articles, if you click pictures, share the pics, if you can comment, comment on the blogs. Do something original. If you have ideas share it with like minded people. If you can sing, share your songs online.  Do something you are really passionate about. People will begin to notice and be drawn to your brand. Being a producer is much more rewarding, and it causes your network to flourish, thus positioning your brand for career success.


6.  Be distinct. Let strangers talk about you.
If you can say aloud on a topic, news, event, you can be spoken about by the people even you dont know. Once it starts, it will build your brand.  Stand for a cause, discuss, any current topic, raise questions, give ideas, all this will increase your followers.


I hope these points are enough as a start for establishing yourself as a brand. There are many examples supporting the steps mentioned. Just Google and you will find. 
Did you liked the post? Do comment if you have some questions, queries or ideas.


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Do you have Passion?? Do you like what you are doing??? Or is it like, you want to do something else, but doing something else???

Have a look at this video. It will clear your doubts. 

63Gary Vaynerchuk has captured national attention as a businessman and Internet celebrity. Gary’s fame can be attributed to his pioneering, multi-faceted approach to personal branding and business building. At a very young age, Gary took over the family business, a liquor store in New Jersey. Over a period of 6 years Gary and his father Sasha rebranded the business as Wine Library and transformed it from a local store doing roughly $4 million in sales annually to a $50 million national industry leader. The development of the Wine Library juggernaut reached its zenith on August 25, 2006 when Gary was featured with a caricature in the top left corner of the Wall Street Journal, a lifelong goal of Gary’s that he achieved before the age of 30!

Watch the video and leave some comments!! Show me your passion!!!


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180px-steve_jobs_wwdc07One of the most successful person, with a  great mind, Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple & Pixar Animation, Addressing students in a college graduation day.  This motivational speech makes you believe, The Better is yet to come, and its we who can bring it!!! Never Give Up!!!

When you are done viewing, Comment on it. Its not an option.



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In 2007 the Washington Post conducted an experiment. They involved one of the best musicians in the world to play one of the most expensive instruments in the world (a $3.5 million Stradivarius violin) on a subway platform during morning rush hour. Most people simply ignored him, “the final haul for his 43 minutes of playing was $32.17. Yes, some people gave pennies.”

This experiment which i talked about is an example of Social Proof. Wikipedia describes Social Proof as:

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or better informed.

80586159SW003_Tribeca_Film_So, what actually is social Proof. The roots of mind control stem from an arm of psychology known as social psychology. Social pyschology is the science of people’s behavior in groups and their interaction with others. We humans act quite differently when we interact with others than we do individually.

What is social proof? It’s forming an opinion based on what other people are doing. We visit a restaurant because our friends have visited and said the food tastes fab. We see long line of people waiting their turn. Even Movies!! we watch a particular movie because people have seen it, reviewed it, want to see it!!

Here’s example of social proof in action

Are we using Social Proof??

Yes surely!! If you tag photos, videos, articles etc in Facebook, Orkut, Blogs etc. Then you are using social proofing. If you submit your favorite articles, links to social bookmarking, then you are using social Proofing. The principle of social proof is particularly applicable to social bookmarking because it predicts that the tags applied by users will be more similar to each other if they are provided with a list of suggested tags.

Social proofing can be applied to Blogs as well. Some simple steps:

1. Show the number of visitors
2. Show the list of people following your blog
3. Show the ranking of blog/site
4. Show the most recent comments
5. Show the number of Diggs or Bookmarking if possible
6. Promote your RSS feed

Can you suggest some more methods? Or if you have some more Social proof Examples, do share.


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