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Zyaada Ka Iraada

Take a look at this:


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Nokia Wahoo!!!

I have a Motorola Razr and it still is the matter of envy for many people. And if you think that Razr is only by Mototrola, then here’s a surcrise for you. Nokia, seems to have taken some inspiration for designing its new Mobile Nokia Wahoo. With a surprisingly similar name as Yahoo, its a stylish new slim flip phone from Nokia stable.


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Voice and Video in gmail Chat

Gmail has introduced tha voice and vidoe chat in Gmail chat. Its not available in Gtalk. Its cool, pretty fast and its in your inbox!! I tried this.

Seen here my friend Bhanu using his Motorola Mobile as webcam!!

to access the video option:


This is really cool option to see your friends and colleagues talk to you by webcam!!!

Official Gmail Video:

Embedded Video

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Is Aishwarya sidelined in first feature trailer for Pink Panther 2 ??

You can have a look at the trailer here.

Aish in Pink Panther

Pink panther 2

There was much noises about Aishwarya being a part of Pink Panther. Now that the trailer is released, there are just two stills of Aishwarya in it and you can see it above!

The film sees inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) team up with a squad of International detectives who are just as bumbling as he is. Their mission: Stop a globe-trotting thief who specializes in stealing historical artifacts.

I dont know about the Role of Aishwarya in the movie, but if its just as seen in the trailer, Aish, Its better to be the leading lady in Movies of your own country than doing tiny miny roles in Hollywood movies.

The film is due in theaters on February 6, 2009.

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