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I recieved a mail from my HR, marked to all, requesting to use papers responsibly and using the print command carefully. I work for a PR agency. And they need to track all the media, traditional and electronic. Traditional media is carefully cut from newspapers and stored but online stories has to be printed for Dossiers.

Sometimes, when the prints are given, the prints contain all the ads, other links, other stories, as well as the logos of the website, colourful Backgrounds etc. Even if we select and print the text, it some times takes unnecessary spaces in the text and prints bundles and bundles of pages, with just 2-3 lines per page!!

So, i tried to find a solution for the same and came across Http://www.printwhatyoulike.com

As the name suggests, PrintWhatYouLike is a free web page editor that gives you control of how web pages look when printed.

Once you enter the URL of the page you wish to print, it opens the page in a window, where you can select and delete the unwanted ads, text, images, scrolls, animations etc. Just keep what you want to print.

Some of the features are:

  • Remove all the images with a single click.
  • Remove the Background.
  • The Fonts can be changed, Even the text size can be adjusted.
  • Narrow/widen the selcected area.
  • Combine mutiple pages together.


  • Only Public pages can be printed A Firefox plugin/bookmarklet to let you edit private/password protected pages is in the works.

Conclusion: A simple and free tool for saving pages,money and trees.The logo of the website reflects it appropriately.Very useful for people who have a lot of pages to print.


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Free Hugs…… Anyone??

Not much of a photograph, but a good shot! Quality is not good, but the
idea is brilliant. The green forest behind them goes well with the
bear. The bear is so furry you can already FEEL the hug )
– might even be better than a hug from a human being. It’s very
heartwarming picture, reminds me of hug-theraphy ideas – hugging is
necessary for our emotional well-being, hug 12 times a day and youre
happier , real hug lasts 28 seconds etc. I’m sure you have heard of
“Free hugs campaign” – isn’t it cute? Hugging makes everyone smile )
We have turned too selfish and have drawn away from other people.
Hugging makes us feel safe and happy again, we need other people around
us. A friend of mine who I was mad at a few days ago, came up to me and
hugged me – suddenly I felt e v e r y t h i n g is ok )

Got the article from Net.

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Cant Get Much Worse

The waiting is the hardest thing today.

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I have read One Night @ Call Centre, and I enjoyed the book. And I was waiting for the Movie since it was announced. Went to the first day show, and i was disappointed.

Converting a book in to a movie is not easy, and u need a tight script, in which Hello fails. Not Suprisingly, Chetan Bhagat is also involved in script, and by now he must have understod, Book writing and script writing are poles apart. Atul Agnihotri, has tried well, but failed to keep up to the book Readers Expectations. The film, based on the novel, lacks many many situations from the book. Director could have removed the songs and should have used those situations. The chracter establishment took a god 1 hour, which is wasted. I believe the Book had established the charactes very well just using the words!!

Hello, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sohail Khan, Sharman Joshi, Isha Koppikar, Gul Panag, Amrita Arora, Dilip Tahil, Suresh Menon, Sharat Saxena, Arbaaz Khan,

Plot: HELLO is a tale events that happen one night at a call centre. Shyam [Sharman Joshi] is losing his girlfriend because his career is going nowhere as he trudges his way around in a call centre. His girlfriend, Priyanka [Gul Panag], also works at the call centre, but her mother [Bharti Achrekar] wants her married to a wealthy NRI. There are other poeple in the story, an aspiring model, Esha [Isha Koppikar], Vroom [Sohail Khan] loves Esha, but she’s more focused on her career… Radhika [Amrita Arora] her husband [Arbaaz Khan] is having an affair… A grandfather, Military Uncle [Sharat Saxena], has been barred from interacting with his grandchild. And a typical Boss Bakshi [Duleep Tahil].

All are struggling with their own problems, and then God calls them. What God suggest, how they follow and come out of is what hello is all about.

First half of the film is quite ok, but second half drags and makes u boring. Music of the film is just average. Bang bang song is a ok ok one, for its choreography. All other songs are just waste. Dialogues are just average, although some comic punches are good. Salman is just for promotion. Nothing to mention about him. He looks old. Sharman Joshi & Sohail Khan are the ones who pulled the film. Sharman joshi is just toogod, with is comic timing and expressions. Sohail is improving film by film. Other girls are just for the sake of characters, They cant act. Even in simple scenes thay fail to act. Shrat Saxena is wasted. Duleep Tahil is ok, but sometimes irritates. Suresh Menon is unbearable.

But as no other hindi film released this week, it can get some audience but as the word spreads, it has no hopes.

The film shot in the building is suprisingly one of my Clients’. So the setting of the film attracted me most!!!

My Overall rating is 2 out of 5.

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First it was Dish TV, then Tata sky, then Big TV, and now its Airtel Digital TV. No I am not discussing about the DTH services in India. This is about the new Airtel Digital TV Launch Ad.

The star War started by Dish TV endorsed by Shahrukh Khan, Tata Sky Endorsed by Aamir Khan, has suddenly taken a huge leap in the new Airtel Digital TV ad.

The launch ad of Airtel DTH service is no less than a multi starrer movie. Assembling almost 10 celebrities in one commercial, JWT, Airtel’s Agency has certainly made people notice the brand.

The Plot: A man, Rahul, steps out of the airport to find a large group of people welcoming him, holding the banner Welcome Home Rahul. The group includes a music band, dancers ( Ballet & Kathakali), girls in Baywatch-like swimwear etc. They are there to welcome him into the world of entertainment. Actors such as Sudha Chandran (representing the soap opera genre),  Raju Srivastav (represents comedy),  while VJ Ranvijay Singh (represents movies/Music), in his cowboy style.

Endorsers, R Madhavan and Vidya Balan accompany him in a luxury car to his home. Cricketers Zaheer Khan and Gautam Gambhir, along with persons representing sports other than cricket, welcome him into the lift, (they all represent the sports). As he reaches his house, the door opens to reveal Kareena Kapoor. Rahul’s wife makes an appearance and ushers him in, where Airtel endorser, AR Rahman carries forward the genre of music with Airtel’s signature tune. And Saif Ali Khan is there to welcome him too.

Market Facts:

According to reports, DishTV, one of the first and oldest players in the market claims to have a consumer base of 3.5 million, while Tata Sky has 2.5 million and Sun Direct has 1 million.

Airtel digital TV aims to achieve 20 per cent share in the DTH pie, as compared to the new entrants of the year, reveals Chandru (head, brand and media, Bharti Airtel).

(Inputs from Agency FAQ’s)

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Kidnap Review

Got a free pass for the special screening of Kidnap. The film seems to be promising. And a excitement of seeing Iraan Khan opposite Sanjay Dutt was enough for me to grab the opportunity.

The movie is about a Millionaire Vikrant Raina (who has not met his daughter since 8 years) whose daughter is kidnapped by Kabir. The kidnap is not for any ransom. That makes it interesting. Kabir gives Vikrant Raina clues to find his daughter and Vikrant Raina has no chance but to obey him. Hence the line, He will set the rules, You have to obey them. The Film’s plot resembles Zinda (incidentally again Sanjay Dutt & John Abraham).
















The Film’s main attraction is Imran Khan. He is the chip of the old block (Aamir Khan). He carries the rude, angry, stern look effortlessly. His confidence is seen in his scenes with Sanjay Dutt. Dilaogue delivery, and action scenes comes to him naturaly. He has got a certain style quotiant which keep you glued to screen. His chase sequence is a must watch.

Sanjay Dutt looks tired. Seems as if he was not willing to work. Suprisingly in some action scenes his duplicate doesnt match him and people start saying ki “arre yaar duplicate hai“.

Minishha Lamba looks good. But her costumes, not at all suits her while she is kidnapped. Come on, You cant be wearing different skin revealing clothes and bath in sea and river, when you are kidnapped!!

Vidya Malwade doesnt look either a wife nor a mom. Absolute expressionless. And bad bad costume work for her. Reema Lagoo and Rahul Dev seems to be added to increase characters.

When you have success like Dhoom & Dhoom 2, expectations are quite high. Sanjay Gadhvi is not up to the mark this time. some chase sequences seem to to be lifted staright from James Bond flick, Casino Royale. The script is very loosly bound and fail to capture after interval. Seems as if director was confused how to end the movie. Dialogues are good. Thankfully film has just 4 songs and all of them are average except the theme song: lut jaaye ye jahan. .

I loved its first half. It has pace and keeps u glued. but second half makes you wondr whats going on??  On the whole Kidnap is a ok ok movie. and would get audiance just because of teen sensation Imraan Khan.

My over all rating is 3 out of 5.

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What’s an Aglet??

AGLET – n. a metal or plastic tube fixed tightly round each end of a shoelace.

Yes, the end of your show lace, which generally is called as end of lace, or no one even bothers to call it, has a name, Aglet. And if you believe, it even has a website dedicated to it!!

Ian’s Shoelace Site is perhaps the only site in internet which has a detailed articles, trivia, tips & tutorials on shoe laces. For example it has a detailed article on Aglet, mentioning the origin of word and even how to repair an Aglet!!

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